Circle Bears T-shirt


Discover an amazing t-shirt with a target shooting design that represents the bear flag of the gay community. The target in the design has bear claws, symbolizing strength and bravery. Join the bear community, show your support and promote equality by wearing this t-shirt. Click the link to purchase it and be part of the pride and acceptance movement.

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Hello! Let me introduce you to an awesome target shooting design t-shirt that I'm sure you'll love. This shirt has a combination of vibrant colors representing the bear flag of the gay community, making it a perfect garment to show your support and pride.

The bullseye design on the jersey features bear claws, adding a unique and distinctive touch. The claws symbolize the strength and bravery of the bear community, and when combined with the bullseye, a powerful and striking image is created.

But that is not all. This t-shirt is not only a symbol of identity and pride, but it can also be a way to spark conversation and awareness. By using it, you will be spreading an inclusive and accepting message, inviting others to reflect and show respect for diversity.

So, what are you waiting for? Join the bear community and show your support for the gay community by wearing this awesome t-shirt. Not only will you be wearing an attractive and meaningful design, but you will also be promoting equality and diversity.

Click the link below to purchase your t-shirt right now and be a part of the pride and acceptance movement!

100% polyester, cotton touch, 150 g/m²

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Dimensions 15 × 12 × 2,5 cm

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