T-shirts “Summer is a state of mind”


Welcome to Tim Thomas, the streetwear and accessories brand for the gay community! Discover our t-shirt with the “Summer is a state of mind” print, a declaration of identity and empowerment. It represents freedom, self-love and celebration throughout the year. Join our community, share your photos wearing the shirt and support LGBTQ+ organizations. Get your jersey and show your true summer spirit with Tim Thomas!

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Welcome everyone to Tim Thomas, the new brand of streetwear and accessories designed exclusively for the gay community! Today I want to introduce you to one of our awesome "Summer is a state of mind" print t-shirt. Let me explain why this t-shirt is much more than a piece of clothing, it is a statement of identity and empowerment.

At Tim Thomas, we understand that the LGBTQ+ community is looking for more than just fashion. We want to provide you with clothing that represents your spirit and your individuality. Our "Summer is a state of mind" print t-shirt perfectly encapsulates the message of liberation, joy and authenticity that characterizes our community.

Summer is a time associated with freedom, self-love, and celebration. But who says those feelings only have to exist during the warmer months of the year? With our t-shirt, we want to convey the message that summer is not just a season, but a state of mind that you can always carry with you. It's your attitude to live life without limits and accept yourself as you are, no matter what time of year!

Our carefully crafted design combines vibrant colors and modern typography to capture the essence of summer and express your pride. By wearing this t-shirt, you'll be projecting an image of confidence and authenticity to everyone who sees you. Plus, it's not just a piece of fashion, it's also a way for us to come together as a community and show the world that we're here, here, and strong.

But we don't just stop at words and designs. At Tim Thomas, we believe in action. Therefore, we invite you to join our community, be part of the movement and share your photos wearing the "Summer is a state of mind" t-shirt. Use the hashtag #SummerWithTimThomas in your social media posts and let us see how you live the spirit of summer in your everyday life. We would love to highlight you and show you to the world as a true inspiration.

So do not expect more. Join the Tim Thomas community and show the world your true summer spirit all year long. Get your "Summer is a state of mind" t-shirt today and be a part of the change!

Remember, summer is more than a season, it's an attitude. Take that state of mind with you and be yourself with Tim Thomas!

100% polyester, cotton touch, 150 g/m²

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